Three incredible poetry books as seen on SNAPZ. This is for the lover in us all.

Book 1


The first installment in the Memories of Tomorrow series. Norian takes you on a private journey through the depth of depression with poems such as “I’m Broken” and displays inner strength and resolution with “Smile.” Readers will be able to relate to Theater of Pain if they have ever experienced a broken heart, a new love, or even a conflict between the two. Metaphoric in nature, Norian’s wit and intelligence brings the reader back to the foundation of poetry and encourages the reader to look beyond the words. The range of emotions deals with family issues, friendships, and significant relationships.  Theater of Pain is a book that should keep readers interested in each topic from beginning to end.

Book 2


After the critically acclaimed success of Theater of Pain, Norian has taken his writing to another level. Games of the Heart is comprised of several poetic short stories that stand independent of one another, yet tell an overall tale so subtle and direct it's possible to miss the complexity of the theme. In what many consider arguably his best work to date, Norian has accounted for details, passion, pain, and promise in this new journey. Whether a fan of poetry, a fan of humor, or just a person who enjoys a good read, Games of the Heart is a book that you will not soon forget.

Book 3


Norian concludes his poetic trilogy with this final entry in his deeply moving, profoundly personal saga, and the closing installment does not disappoint! Nostalgic in tone, Norian delivers arguably his best work yet. By delving into his craft, he has created a work of art with substance, grit, and longstanding appeal. If you are a fan of his first two poetry books, (Theater of Pain, and Games of the Heart) The Dawn or the Dusk will serve as the closing exhibit that Norian’s extraordinary talent has struck a balance between modern emotional realities, love passion, sensuality, and classic poetry.