Autumn: A Love Story

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Autumn: A Love Story The Soundtrack

Autumn: A Love Story

These are songs written by me and inspired by the novel to create an additional audio companion for the book. Check it out for free! I hope you enjoy it!

Tatum Clark almost has it all. While his life as a single dad has been rewarding, he’s found it difficult to juggle staying loyal to old friends, building his career, and raising his son,  all while in the last year of his master’s program.  Yet and still he thought he had everything he needed. That is until he befriends Autumn, a charismatic, yet eccentric, recently divorced, struggling artist on the rebound of life.  After a chance encounter, the pair form a friendship in pursuit of their respective dreams that erupts into an all-consuming love, so bright it catches the attention of everyone, including Tatum’s scorned ex-wife, turning his would-be dream into a nightmare. Torn between love & loyalty, can these two lovers conquer the obstacles that come with their pursuit of happiness or will their past disappointments anchor them in a world that feeds their fears, doubts and disappointments? Entice yourselves as each page unfolds the steam that only love, passion, pleasure and even pain provide as they all collide in a romance for the ages.

Autumn: A Love Story The Playlist

Need more than the soundtrack? We got you. 34 songs from all contemporary artists, all catered to the Novel. Ready to set the mood? Click Play!

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